Nick Bozza Jr., Nick Bozza Sr. and Ken Horvath bring their many years of wine making and cured meat making experience to Catino Vino from a variety of former different career backgrounds. For many years, wine making and cured meat processing was a hobby and past time for all three of these guys that hail from the small coal region town of Kulpmont, PA. Since Mr. Arthur Catino was seeking retirement, these 3 guys decided to take on the idea of keeping this unique business in operation and assist Mr. Catino with his goal of retiring by keeping the doors open to this well-loved business by so many great customers in the surrounding communities and counties. Before diving into this business full throttle, Nick, Nick & Ken had previous careers not so related to the wine and soupie market.

Nick Bozza

Nick Sr., a current business agent with the union, helps at the shop on his days off. Nick Sr. has been a part of the union for his entire career. He is looking to be a bigger part of the operation once retired from the union. Nick Sr. has also served on the Kulpmont council.. Together Nick Sr. and Ken had a very successful entertainment business is the past as DJs with their entertainment business called Night Vision. Nick enjoys helping the community out by participating and organizing many community events. He enjoys football of any kind, and is part of a great family that includes a wonderful wife, Nick Jr., 2 beautiful daughters and a few doggies to boot.

Nick Bozza Jr. 

Nick Jr. (the young buck) worked as welder for a few years with the union. Nick Jr. decided he wanted to try something different, something more local and less stressful on his body. Nick enjoys riding the mountain side in his ATV. He also strums away on the guitar and even throws in a few vocals as he plays. He has a number of pets that keep him busy while on the home front.

Ken Horvath

Ken began his career serving in the Army. He served 6 years as a satellite and microwave communication systems technician before leaving the Army and working in the aerospace industry as a telemetry engineer. While in between aerospace contracts, Ken became part of a new business in the calibration industry. He and his business partner built a network of calibration laboratories and locations across North America. These 2 guys sold their business in 2015 and Ken was enjoying retirement until Nick Sr. & Nick Jr. asked him to be a part of the Catino Vino team. Ken enjoys football as well (partial to the NY Giants), and likes playing a lot of pinball. He is part of an awesome family too! He has a fantastic wife, 2 awesome sons, 2 horses, 3 miniature donkeys and 2 cool barn cats.

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